Vaccine information for you and your family

Now that vaccines are readily functional in most areas, a lot of questions are being asked and information on vaccines is being requested. We hope you find this helpful.

What are the approved and authorized vaccines?

Here are the vaccines approved and authorized for the prevention of COVID-19 in the UK:

  1. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine
  2. The Moderna vaccine
  3. The Johnson & Johnson Janssen Vaccine
  4. The Oxford vaccine

Please note that people with moderately to harshly compromised immune systems should collect another additional dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine after the first 2 doses.

If you have had a harsh allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) or an immediate allergic response to any ingredient in the vaccine you are slated to collect, do not get that vaccine and If you were instructed not to get one type of COVID-19 vaccine, you can still get another type.

How safe are Covid 19 vaccines?

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and highly effective. Millions of people in the United Kingdom receive the COVID-19 vaccines under safety monitoring every day. Individuals who have been fully vaccinated can carry on with activities that they did before the pandemic. Although reports of side effects include swelling, redness and pain at the injection site, fever, headache, tiredness, muscle pain, chills, and nausea, over 380 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been distributed in the UK.

FAQ About Covid

We have compiled general questions regarding subjects relating to Coronavirus.

Why is the PCR Test Carried Out?

The PCR test is carried out to detect whether a patient has SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in their nose or throat.

Why is the Antibody Test Carried out?

The Antibody Test is carried out to detect whether a patient has SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in their nose or throat.

How long does it take to get tested at our Leicester Clinic?

An Antibody blood test and PCR swab test if taken at our clinic can be done relatively quickly. However, once we integrate the steps we take to guarantee a safe and clean cubical and some small paperwork, we would estimate a client to be at our clinic for no more than 15 minutes.

Please note this is there, and unexpected occurrences on the day could mean your visit takes a little longer.

We have taken significant steps to make sure our clinic is safe and securely equipped with sanitizers, socially distanced seating, reception screening and facemasks. Our trained staff wear PPE and surfaces, equipment and furniture are regularly cleaned with disinfectants

What is the delivery time for tests carried out online?

We estimate delivery time for tests carried out to take between 1-2 working days however this is not guaranteed. All our prices for home kits include a First-Class delivery, and we do not currently offer any other option.

What tests are carried out on Covid Test London?

Our Leicester clinic carries out the following tests

  • Leaving the UK Tests
  • Entering the UK Tests
  • Same Day Result Tests
  • Work and Events Test

Our London COVID-19 PCR Testing Service is an effective means to get a nose or throat swab PCR test to check for an active COVID-19 infection in patients.

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We hope you keep safe and maintain the safety protocol. Remember you can order your travel certificate if you feel the need to travel here.

Test result provided by PHE/CQC approved UKAS accredited, ISO 15189 2012 Laboratory.
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