UK Vaccination options

Work towards COVID-19 vaccines is progressing rapidly and new information is emerging every day. More than 50 mass vaccination centers have now opened across the UK and there are now more than 70 pharmacy services now operating across the country.

Currently, the Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford University vaccines are endorsed throughout the UK. They are many times more effective than initially foreseen – by above 90 percent in some instances.

The UK had prioritized giving as many people as possible a single jab. As a result, considerably few people in the UK have had a second dose, even though the makers of the three vaccines recommend that two doses be given a specific amount of time apart for the fullest protection.

However, the two main types of tests for coronavirus look for either a current infection or a past infection.

If you are looking to check for coronavirus in an infected person then the PCR test is the answer. Health care providers carry this out by searching for pieces of the virus in a patient’s sample of saliva or mucus. The test will tell if a person is infected on the day of the test. The antigen test on the other hand checks if your immune system has responded to coronavirus. Unlike the PCR test which requires testing mucus or spit, the Antigen test requires testing your blood.

How the PCR test works:

The medical personnel uses a technology called Polymerase Chain Reaction to carry out this test.

The medical personnel carries out this test by using a sample of mucus typically taken from a patient’s nose or throat to look for the genetic material of the coronavirus.

If the virus is detectable then the person is actively infected but if the virus isn’t the person tests negative.

How the Antigen test works:

Since your body generates antibodies in response to an infectious agent, this test looks for antibodies to the coronavirus in your blood.

A sample is collected and tested for the virus

If the virus is detectable then the person is actively infected but if the virus isn’t the person tests negative.

Effective testing is essential to learn more about how the virus spreads and how contagious it remains in a given community. This can be done by identifying those who have the virus and enabling treatment or isolation. This is why we recommend Coronavirus same-day tests.

With the Coronavirus same-day test, you not only get to diagnose yourself of the virus, but you also get to keep others safe by getting ing feedback as soon as possible and quarantine to that effect.

The coronavirus same-day test can be likened to a pregnancy test.

How to know you should get a Coronavirus Same-day test

If you have had personal contact with someone with coronavirus or anyone who may have symptoms of the virus, a Coronavirus same-day test could come in handy.

If you have taken part in any activity that put you at risk

You were asked to get tested by your healthcare provider or doctor.

Where you can get a Coronavirus same day test kit

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