UK 4 step Lockdown roadmap

As the United Kingdom proceeds with plans for easing the Covid restrictions imposed at the beginning of January, with the “rule of six” meetings and group outdoor sporting activities for adults and children permitted to resume, you must take all appropriate safety measures before stepping out of your homes THE IMPORTANCE OF STAYING ACTIVE DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC.

The government has proposed a four-step roadmap along the way to a full reopening while stressing that after the first step, subsequent stages of reopening could be subject to delay and guided by “data rather than dates”.

For each stage, there is a minimum of five weeks in which the first four weeks would be used to collate and assess data while the fourth week would give room for individuals and businesses to prepare for the next steps. This article would focus on the lockdown roadmap for England and Scotland.

Before we take you through the four-step road map, have you carried out a PCR Swab this month? No? Purchase your kit here.


Step 1:

  • All pupils and college students are to return fully, with before- and after-school clubs opened.
  • Home care residents can receive one regular, named visitor.
  • This is scheduled to commence on May 29th

Step 2:

  • Shops, stores, close-contact services, including hairdressers and beauty salons  allowed to open, along with
  • Eateries and bars allowed to serve food and alcohol to customers sitting outdoors
  • Gyms, spas, zoos, theme parks, libraries, and community centres can now reopen
  • A household can take a holiday in England in self-contained accommodation
  • 15 guest weddings can take place
  • This is scheduled to commence not earlier than May 17

 Step three:

  • Meetings for 30 people can hold outdoors while six people or two households can meet indoors
  • Bars, eateries, and other hospitality venues can now seat customers indoors
  •  30 people can attend weddings or other events.
  • Other outdoor entertainment, such as theatres and cinemas can open
  • Indoor entertainment such as museums, cinemas, and children’s play areas can open
  • Performances and large events can restart, but with limits on audience numbers
  • Lodgings, hostels, and B&Bs can reopen
  • International leisure travel can commence
  • Adult indoor group sports and exercise classes can restart
  • This is scheduled to commence not earlier than June 21st

Step four:

  • Legislative limits on social contact will be removed
  • Legislative limits on the number of people who can attend weddings, funerals and other events will be removed
  • Night parties will be allowed to hold and night clubs will be open

Lockdown roadmap for Scotland

  • From April second, stay at home rules become “stay local”
  • From April 5th, hairdressers and barbers can reopen for pre-booked appointments, more shops can reopen, non-essential click-and-collect can resume, and outdoors non-contact group sports for 12 to 17-year-olds can resume
  • From April twelfth to nineteenth, pupils back at school full-time

From 26 April:

Scotland levels system of local restrictions will return level three

• Traveling within Scotland mainland will be permitted

• Six people from three households can socialize outdoors

• Four people from two households can socialize indoors in a public place.

• Shops, cafes, pubs restaurants and close-contact services can reopen

• Gyms, indoor attractions and public buildings can open

• Non-essential work in other people’s homes can take place

• Driving lessons and tests can take place

• Funerals and weddings, including post-funeral events and receptions, can take place with up to 50 people (no alcohol)

 • Tourist accommodation can open with restrictions in place

 From 17 May:

• Move from level three move to level two

            • Four people from two households can socialize indoors in a private or public space

            • Hospitality venues return to greater normality.

            • Alcohol can be served outdoors until 22:00

            • Outdoor adult contact sport and indoor group exercise can restart

            • Cinemas, amusement arcades, and bingo halls can reopen

            • Small outdoor, face to face support services, and indoor events can resume, with restrictions

From June:

•  All areas of Scotland in level two move to level one

• Six people from up to three households can socialize indoors

• Eight people from three households can socialize outdoors.

•  Hospitality institutions can remain open until 23:00

• Indoor non-contact sport can take place

• In late June, all areas of Scotland in level one move to level zero

To conclude this article, we would like to urge you to ensure you are Coronavirus negative to curb the spread of the virus during the period for the execution of this roadmap. You can carry out your Coronavirus test here.