Tips for Thriving

Tips for Thriving in the ‘New Normal’ Workplace

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, employers and employees scurried home. What was thought to be a pandemic that would last only a few weeks of working from bedrooms and dining rooms turned into a pandemic that lasted more than a year.

Currently, vaccination rates are increasing, and employers are trying to keep up with a post-pandemic future that looks different. While some employers want everyone back in the office every day,  some are staying with full-time remote work, while others are falling in the middle—they want some people in the office, some of the time.

If you are currently back to work, you have probably been home for a long time and rebuilding your habits might not be easy. You may feel comfortable taking public transportation, having in-person time with your co-workers feels like a lot,  and maybe have a hard time returning to the old ways.

You may face pandemic-related stressors, and may keep asking yourself; Should you wear a mask all day at work? Should you become accustomed to Zoom, where you can see faces? Can you hold socially distanced meetings?

On the other hand, if you have created a good work-at-home ritual and you’re sticking with it, as the pandemic lifts, you’re likely to see changes.  Some of your colleagues may return to work, you may have meetings where everyone is on Zoom and if you work from home before all this, but you venture out to clients’ businesses sometimes.

To ease the return-to-work stress you can;

  1. Talk to your co-workers and supervisors. Let them know what is challenging for you and ask if they have the same problem. They can tell you what has worked for them.
  2. Understand that pandemic precautions are recommended. Your workplace might require masks and social distancing, administer temperature checks, or have new guidelines for using shared meeting spaces, kitchens and other shared spaces.

To ease your work from home stress you can;

  1. Build opportunities through social interactions
  2. Take breaks to interact with your family at home.
  3. Try to mimic an in-office workday, especially as more people return to work by closing at closing time and vice versa.

In conclusion, just as pandemic restrictions are lifting and workplaces are opening, employers and employees have a new transition to navigate. Each stakeholder should take steps to make this shift go as smoothly as possible. And if the tips we listed above aren’t working for you, talk to a mental health professional.

Ensure you observe all safety protocols like washing of hands, wearing of facemask, and maintaining social distance.

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