Things to have when going out during the coronavirus pandemic

As businesses and workplaces around the world are striving to cultivate safe procedures for the restoration of everyday operations, we want you to recognize potential threats and devise a means to adopt preventive measures to protect yourself and reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

In today’s world, we see nations, communities, and workplaces working towards discovering effective methods like the Back to work Coronavirus test to equalize the need to continue operations while putting the health and safety of employees into consideration. This methods may seem strict and uncomfortable but is necessary for a corona free society.

Before going out, there are some items to have and important guidelines to follow to ensure zero risks of infection. Before we go into that, we would like to talk about the importance of workplaces carrying the Back to work Coronavirus test and why you should have home test kits.

The Back to work coronavirus test which should be regular testing in the workplace involves the implementation of a PCR swab test, an antibody test to check for a previous Covid19 infection, and a daily check of employees temperature using a thermometer to ensure their temperature isn’t 37.8⁰ C (100⁰ F) or more. This test is important because it helps workplaces determine which employees with immunity from COVID-19 can safely work in essential settings such as public safety, health care, and other non-essential service industries.

While workplaces are intensifying efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus, the importance of coronavirus home test kits cannot be overemphasized. Coronavirus home test kits help reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus while you’re undergoing testing. Check here for home test kits.

Items to have when going out during the coronavirus pandemic

When stepping out of your respective homes, the two items you try not to forget are your wallet and phone. Just as you would not forget these two, we believe you should not forget some other items.

Here are four things we think you should have when going out this period.


When you wear a facemask, you reduce the transmission of coronavirus. Think of your facemask like the protector it is. Always take your facemask everywhere you go.

Water bottle:

Instead of stopping at a store every time you feel the urge to drink water, bringing a water bottle with you is much safer.

Hand sanitizer:

With the uncountable number of surfaces, you come in contact with every day, you cannot be sure of the number of pathogens you pick from every touch. Always carry a sanitizer containing a minimum of 60 percent isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.


The tissue is something you should always have with you. This is because it serves purposes like covering your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing, wiping your face, and cleaning surfaces. It is an easy solution to limit your exposure to the germs

In conclusion, the fight against Covid19 is a collective effort indeed. Ensure you carry out all necessary tests, engage in safety protocols, and do not forget the items mentioned above.

Test result provided by PHE/CQC approved UKAS accredited, ISO 15189 2012 Laboratory.
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