Planning for a Safe Summer

After a year of pandemic, the possibility of a small gathering watching fireworks is enough to make a grown adult reach for a flag. After all, as the world gets vaccinated, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate.

However, If you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, you can enjoy more autonomy before you get back to summer activities and gatherings.

Amidst your excitement for this summer, it is essential to make sure you don’t forget about summer safety concerns. Beyond putting up with basic precautions to stave off the spread of Covid19, general safety precautions are a must to ensure you, your family, and friends have a safe and fun summer.

Here are ways you can safely plan for a safe summer;

  • It is important to evaluate the recommendations from the CDC and adhere to local rules regards COVID-19 to make sure you are reducing risks for you and your family.
  • Ensure you still wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet apart in public places, or when people around you may not be vaccinated.
  • Get creative

If you are planning your summer travel, make sure you think outside of the box. Instead of plane or cruise travel, opt for a road trip. Pack enough food to save money and avoid exposure to crowds and large gatherings.

  • Keep barbecue safe

Gathering with other vaccinated or low-risk families can be done responsibly. Prevent unnecessary spread and risk by keeping your gatherings small and keep the festivities outdoors in a backyard or park, don’t attend if you or someone has been showing signs of COVID-19, and avoid indoor venues with poor ventilation.

Avoid open destinations

Going to beaches and filling downtown bars will put you at the most risk. Instead, allow for visitation to a nearby city with reasonable restrictions where you will find fewer crowds. However, ensure to wear a mask.

  • It is advisable to put together a first-aid travel kit. This safety kit must include the following; bug repellent, painkillers,  antihistamine, band-aids, antibiotic cream, hydrocortisone cream, and digital thermometers.
  • Before you begin your summer adventures get a check-up. Schedule a wellness visit with your health provider or child’s pediatrician to make sure you’re in a shipshape for summer fun.
  • Ensure you schedule your vaccine

 If you or your family members above twelve years haven’t received the vaccine yet, now is the perfect time to protect yourself and your loved ones so that you can enjoy the freedom to return to carry out your favourite activities. If you have questions or concerns about the vaccine, talk to your doctor, who can help you make an informed decision.

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