Lessons from the first 2 years of COVID-19

The world has learned to cope with the evolution of Covid19 and its variants; however,  two years after, the impact of COVID-19 is still being felt in countries around the world.

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Although things seem to be getting back to normal and the lockdown and need to wear a facemask has been removed in some countries, the risk of a new variant is still an issue.

We have compiled some lessons the world must have learned from the COVID Pandemic

  1. It has taught us that the vaccine development paradigm can be transformed for emergencies

It is easy to forget how remarkable the development of COVID-19 vaccines was. Within 326 days from a genomic sequence to the authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine by a stringent regulatory authority has shattered all previous records.  Biomedical science also helped in the delivery of multiple vaccines with high efficacy against severe COVID-19 and a strong overall safety profile.

This pandemic raised the bar and there is now a serious discussion of what it will take to cut the time from sequence to authorization to just 100 days in case of an emerging threat.

  1. It has taught us that trust is one of the most delicate but critical requirements for an effective pandemic response.

Success in public health has depended on both the public’s trust in government and a shared social contract among citizens. Before the pandemic, it might have been inferred that safe vaccines contributing a high degree of protection against a frequently fatal and society-altering disease would be in high demand. Even though this has happened in some countries, in others vaccine skepticism has limited demand. The principles of two-way trust also apply to companies deciding on their policies for the return to in-person work. Trust is hard to manufacture during a crisis but is important in building confidence in specific areas—including biomedical science.

  1. It has taught us that even though government policy matters, individual behavior sometimes matters more

This dynamic can be demonstrated when looking at mandatory lockdowns and mask mandates in early 2020. Even though they were largely effective, their effectiveness varied, depending on how seriously people took the rules and the couple mixed. Then came the promise of vaccines and the dream of a total Covid-free world. That dream was no match for the realities of vaccine hesitancy. Around the world, a significant part of the population declined to take the vaccine and this helped SARS-CoV-2 to mutate and spread.

At the end of the day, the people matter.

  1. It has taught us that work-life would never be the same

The first year of the pandemic proved that our former definition of essential workers was weak, the numbers and sorts of workers we need are profoundly numerous now, and most knowledgeable employees can do the work from their homes.

After the first year, people from various income spectrums started internalizing those lessons. A Lot of people, especially women, quit their jobs and others who kept their jobs started questioning the old assumptions of a 9-5.

Employees and employers now see the world differently after these two years. For one thing, the pandemic has resulted in a labor shortage that had been slowly brewing and also resulted in owners and occupiers of real estate rethinking the role of the office.

  1. It has taught us that Infectious diseases are a whole-of-society issue.

A Lot of people have died from infection with SARS-CoV-2, but when we look back on COVID-19 in the future, the direct health impact may not be what we remember most. The indirect effects on health, as a result of delayed routine and preventive care, overstressed healthcare systems, and the increased mental-health burden would eventually seem more significant.

Children from low-income families suffered significant harm during prolonged school closures and the economic harm and dislocation that the pandemic caused have decreased the quality of life for people around the world.

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