Latest updates on Covid UK

Latest updates on Covid UK

So far, there have been more than seven point three million validated issues of COVID19 in the United Kingdom and government figures indicate that one hundred and thirty-four thousand (134,000) people may have died as a result. Nonetheless, these figures include only individuals who have died within 28 days of testing positive for COVID19.

89% of individuals aged 16 and above in the UK have had their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine while 81%  of them have had their second.

After falling in July, the average number of daily confirmed cases rose again in August and early September.

30,597 confirmed cases in the UK were announced last week Wednesday.

Recently, the rise in cases has been driven by the Delta variant which has spread faster than the previously most common Kent variant popularly known as the Alpha.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the virus remains a risk” but that he was “confident we can protect the gains we’ve made together”.

Latest updates on Covid UK
Latest updates on Covid UK

Vaccine rollout

Currently, more than 48 million people (i.e. about 89% of people) aged 16 and over in the UK, have now collected their first dose of a vaccine while 44 million people (i.e. about 81% of people) aged 16 and over, have had a second dose.

Public Health England estimates that the UK vaccination programme has prevented more than 105,000 deaths and about 24 million infections, as well as more than 143,000 hospitalizations in people aged 65 years and over.

Daily deaths

So far, daily deaths have been increasing. There were 201 deaths within 28 days of a positive test reported last week Wednesday

Of those deaths, 151 were in England, 30 were in Scotland, 10 were in Northern Ireland, and 10 were in Wales.

England has had the majority of UK deaths since the pandemic began, with more than 118,000 in total.


Work events PCR test

Our clinic at Leicester is pleased to offer a range of flexible testing solutions to support the work events.

Work events like seminars, conferences and meetings are allowed to take place within the framework of the presently applicable COVID19 protective measures. The Covid 19 quick tests would provide additional security. In case of a negative result, participants receive the Covid certificate immediately via SMS or email.

The tests include;

  1. IgG/IgM Phlebotomy Antibody Test

This test is taken to see if the illness patient has had in the past was caused by Covid-19. The IgG & IgM antibody test has shown to be 99% sensitive if taken more than 7 days after a COVID-19 illness

  1. 15 Minutes Rapid Antigen Test with Travel Certificate

This is a test that is currently being used by governments all over, as well as sports teams, film productions and other organizations who need to know immediately if their members of their team are infectious.

Same day results in PCR test

Many airlines now require proof of negative PCR COVID-19 tests before you can obtain your boarding pass. So if you are planning a trip,  ensure you stay informed about the latest guidelines so you do not get left.

Sometimes you can’t wait for test results. If you can’t play the waiting game, our Leicester clinic is your best bet.

Test taken includes;

  1. Coronavirus Same Day Result PCR Swab Test with Travel Certificate
  2. Test to Release Day 5 Same Day PCR Swab Test
  3. 15 Minutes Rapid Antigen Test with Travel Certificate

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