How to test for coronavirus in the comfort of your living room

In recent weeks, Coronavirus cases have seen a global surge with many countries in the middle of a second wave. The recent vaccine rollouts have been a cause for celebration, but widespread adoption is expected to take a long time.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, testing for the coronavirus from the comfort of your homes can be quite appealing because it’s more convenient and it eliminates the risk of transmitting or contracting the virus when you have to go to a medical facility for testing.

A recent HBR article includes Coronavirus home visit testing as part of a comprehensive national response.

Wondering why we suggest you carry out a test at home? The answer is simple. Coronavirus home visit test is different because it’s less expensive, more convenient, and delivers results on the spot. Public health experts say at-home tests are an important tool to help slow the spread of the virus.

The importance of the PCR Swab test

You may consider either an at-home collection kit or an at-home test if you have symptoms of COVID-19 and if you can’t get tested by a healthcare provider to avoid complications. One such test to be carried out would be the PCR Swab test.

A PCR swab test which is also known as the Polymerase Chain Reaction test is a test that detects the genetic information of coronavirus. It Identifies if you have the virus at the time of testing regardless of whether you have symptoms or not. In other words, it is only possible if the virus is there and someone is actively infected.

Today, a negative PCR swab test report is currently required by most airlines for travel purposes.

How do you carry out a Coronavirus home visit test?

To carry out a Coronavirus home visit test, put a call through to a clinician to determine whether testing is needed at all. A PCR swab test kit would be mailed to your home where you would be expected to perform the test and send your sample to a laboratory for analysis and testing.

Please note that while awaiting the results, you would need to remain self-quarantined.

This diagnostic process could be done virtually and targets people who are low-risk and can be safely cared for at home.

Tips for carrying out your PCR Swab test

  • Ensure all test components are stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions until you are ready to use them.
  • Do not use expired tests or any test component that appears to be damaged or discolored.
  • Ensure you decontaminate your tables, shelves, or other surfaces before and after carrying out your test
  • Read and record test results only within the proportion of time determined in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not reuse the already used PCR Swap Kits.

In conclusion, regardless of what outcome you get, always examine the findings with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will evaluate the test outcome about your symptoms and apparent exposure and decide how to care for you.

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Test result provided by PHE/CQC approved UKAS accredited, ISO 15189 2012 Laboratory.
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