How exercise boosts antibody after vaccine

How exercise boosts antibody after vaccine

The availability of vaccines has brought expectations for the end of the pandemic but COVID deaths and cases are still increasing around the world today.

A study by Glasgow Caledonian University shows that people are 50% more likely to have higher antibodies after a vaccine if they are active than somebody who is inactive.

Carrying out physical activity is one of the most beneficial ways to deter chronic diseases. Everyday physical activity enhances the human immune system, curtails the risk of falling ill and dying from infectious disease by more than one-third and extensively enhances the potency of vaccination campaigns. This has significant implications for pandemic responses.

Three mechanisms make physical activity and exercise a beneficial medicine against infectious diseases.

  1. It protects against hazardous factors of severe and fatal infection. Physically active people are not likely to develop obesity, diabetes, respiratory and other cardiovascular conditions. Epidemiological studies show that COVID-19 and other respiratory infectious diseases are more severe for people who have these conditions.
  2. Exercising also helps in the reduction of anxiety, chronic inflammation, tract infections and lowers the chances of fatal infections. Most COVID-19 and pneumonia fatalities have been a result of uncontrolled inflammatory responses.
  3. Our immune system is stronger if we exercise.

Exercise is undeniably an essential way to make people less vulnerable to infectious diseases and future pandemics. It should be used more effectively in fighting the current COVID-19 outbreak, but also as a long-term investment to deter the devastating social and economic consequences this pandemic has had on society.

Underestimating the influence of exercise could also exacerbate the unsustainable and unacceptable health imbalances caused by the pandemic. Generally, physical activity levels are lower in communities with greater economic inequalities and this affects women most.

Today, it is important than ever for governments and health professionals to galvanize all sectors of society to promote physical activity.

Every action counts when managing infectious diseases in the future.

Underestimating the impact exercise has on individuals could aggravate the unsustainable and unacceptable health inequalities caused by the pandemic. Naturally, physical activity levels are shorter in societies with greater economic inequalities and this affects women most.

It is now very important than ever for governments and health personnel to galvanize all sectors of society to promote physical activity.

Every move counts in fighting this pandemic and managing infectious disease in the future.

How to test for the Covid virus

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