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How Digital Solutions Can Support Countries Facing Complexity of Vaccine Delivery

As lockdown is being relaxed in most countries in the world, the need for digital technology in the distribution of vaccines cannot be overemphasized. Today, individuals can now test for the coronavirus in the comfort of their times by carrying out a PCR Swab test-testing their mucus or saliva for the virus and sending it …

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New Igg Quantitative Test

When you encounter your first symptoms of coronavirus, understand that your immune system has taken the hit. Your Immune System which is composed of a complex set of systems works to protect your body from a wide variety of infections and diseases. The Coronavirus is known to affect many different parts of your body, either …

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UK Vaccination options

Work towards COVID-19 vaccines is progressing rapidly and new information is emerging every day. More than 50 mass vaccination centers have now opened across the UK and there are now more than 70 pharmacy services now operating across the country. Currently, the Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford University vaccines are endorsed throughout the UK. They are …

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Types of Coronavirus test

CoronaVirus tests today are gaining focus as countries in the world now experience the biggest surge of the pandemic. Effective testing is vital to learn more about how the virus spreads and how prevalent it remains in a given community. Effective testing can be done by identifying those who have the virus and enabling treatment …

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Things to have when going out during the coronavirus pandemic

As businesses and workplaces around the world are striving to cultivate safe procedures for the restoration of everyday operations, we want you to recognize potential threats and devise a means to adopt preventive measures to protect yourself and reduce the spread of Coronavirus. In today’s world, we see nations, communities, and workplaces working towards discovering …

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