All you need to know about Test to release scheme

Thinking of travelling but worried about the long self-isolation period imposed by the government? Worry no more, The Test to release initiative got you.

Test to Release is an initiative for travellers entering England from a country that is not on the travel corridor list. The government introduced the Test to Release programme to reduce the self-isolation period for travellers returning to England.

As a criterion, travellers are to self-isolate for 10 days on arrival from any country that is not on the travel corridor list. However, as of the the15th of December 2020, travellers entering England from countries outside the travel corridor list have been allowed to end their quarantine period early if they paid for a private Covid-19 test.

This test is to be carried 5 days after arriving in England and the self-isolation duration will only be shortened for those who have negative test results.

Under the Test to Release policy, you can decide to pay for a private COVID-19 test from any private clinic of your choice. If the result comes out negative, you can end your quarantine To get your test carried out, click here. “Quantitative” IgG Antibody Blood Test at Clinic

How to partake in the Test to release

  1. Book a test here Contact Us
  2.  or any private health care center near you.
  3. In the passenger locator form, you would be given, enter details of your test.
  4. Booking should be before you travel to England. This is to ensure you enter details of the test when you opt in to the scheme on the passenger locator form.
  5. If by chance you take part in the scheme after you have arrived in England, ensure you complete another passenger locator form.
  6. After booking and paying for your test, the test provider will either send a test result to your address or request that you can come to a testing site.

Test to Release Scheme rules

  1. The Test to Release policy cannot be used if you have either been in or through any country that is on the Uk’s travel ban red list in the 10 days before you arrive in England.
  2. You must quarantine as soon as you arrive in England.
  3. You can take a test no earlier than the 5th day after arriving in England.
  4. If your test result comes out negative, you can stop quarantine as soon as you receive the result.
  5. If your test result comes out negative, you can stop quarantine as soon as you receive the result.
  6. If your coronavirus test result comes out positive, you need to quarantine for another 10 days. People you lived with or came in contact with from the day of your positive test should also quarantine for 10 days.
  7. If your test result comes out inconclusive, you must continue to quarantine. Alternatively, you can take another privately provided test to find out if you can stop quarantine early.

What if you If discover you have coronavirus symptoms before travelling?

If you have coronavirus symptoms, you need to take a PCR swab Test as soon as you can. You should take a PCR Swab Test even if you have recently received a negative result for another test.

However, you cannot use a test taken with a PCR Swab kit to shorten your self-isolation period. You must continue to self-isolate if the result from the PCR test is negative to be on the side.

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