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Private Coronavirus Test Clinic in London & Covid-19 Home Testing Kits


Our London COVID-19 PCR Testing Service is a convenient way to get a nose and throat swab PCR test to check for a current COVID-19 infection. Book online a same day or next day PCR test to safely return back to work. For travel we offer a range of certified PCR test with a fit to fly certificate for international government Coronavirus travel requirements.

Book a Private Covid-19 Test at our London Clinics

Our on site Covid-19 clinic tests will find out fast if you currently have or had COVID-19. Our healthcare professionals offer a wide range of Coronavirus (Covid-19) tests for work & world travel including UKAS approved PCR Swab Test with fit to fly travel certificates as well blood tests for Antigens & Antibodies.

Order a Covid-19 Home Test Kit Delivered to You

Coronavirus (Covid-19) testing kit delivered to you, we offer Home Test Kits for PCR test with Travel Certificate, Day 2 and Day 8 Quarantine & Test to Release. Once you have test kit you can take your sample & return it to our lab using the pre-paid envelope supplied or by courier for urgent fit to fly results.

Coronavirus Testing for Corporations & Businesses

We specialise in Corporate Coronavirus (covid-19) testing & screen for health & safety of staff at work. Testing can be arranged on or off site for banks, offices, construction works, retailers, film sets & business of all sizes. We have testing capacity for up to 500 employees tested per day with same-day result certificates.

Coronavirus Home Testing Service for the Whole Family

Contact us today to organise a Coronavirus (covid-19) home test with one of our visiting healthcare professionals in the comfort of your own home. We making Testing for work travel even easier by coming to you with everything for testing large or small families groups capacity for same-day result certificates.


Claret Diagnostics Ltd

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Welcome to COVIDTESTLONDON.CO.UK, London's number one Clinic for Coronavirus (Covid-19) testing. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of testing solutions, with a focus on safety & accurate results with the fastest possible turn around time.

Testing for Coronavirus (Covid-19) has come a long way from its beginnings just over a year ago with many option for testing, but PCR test has proven to be the best choice. Claret Diagnostics Ltd as the name suggest specialises in PCR Testing in London for travel and work. PCR Testing is a well established scalable process and the fastest most accurate testing solution available to date. It has has become internationally recognised and become required by more countries daily for world travel for departures and in the UK arrivals are required to use a PCR test to be tested and released from quarantines. We offer PCR test with a corresponding fit to fly certificate. You may ask yourself what is a fit to fly certificate? A fit to fly certificate is a signed and stamped letter from an accredited clinic also signed by a doctor registered with the General Medical Council that confirms that you do not have COVID-19 at time of the swab.

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To detect the whether you have SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in your nose or throat.

To check whether you have developed antibodies to the virus in your blood from a past infection or exposure.

The actual antibody blood test and PCR swab test if taken at our clinic can be done fairly quickly. However once we incorporate the steps we take to ensure safe and clean cubical and some small paperwork, we would estimate a customer to be at our clinic for no more than 15 minutes. Please note this is an estimate, and unforeseen occurrences on the day could mean your visit takes a little longer.


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Test result provided by PHE/CQC approved UKAS accredited, ISO 15189 2012 Laboratory.
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